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Roof Vantilator


Stainless Steel Ventilator
  • Model : 300/500/600
  • Materials : Adopting high quality Stainless steel, sealed bearing, fireproofing reinforced, nylon support or metal support and rivet to connect
  • Benefits : Weather resistance and strong fray resistance. fine non-viscidity and self cleanness, High revolving sensitivity and high air venting efficiency.
  • Working Conditions : Temperature difference between indoor and outdoor is 0.45°C. It begins to revolve at the wind speed of 0.20 m/s.
  • Roofing Angle : Applied in different roof in the scope of 0-22.5′ oblique angle.
  • Applicable scope : Industrial workshop, commercial and civil building
Why Vantilate?
Effective ventilation is an irnportant aspect of a productive force, fresh air makes people feel more alive and vital, whilst stale hot air causes people to feel lethargic and disinterested. The movement of air over the body causes evaporation to occur which is the natural way of cooling down, thus preventing moderate heat stress. The multi-Vent provides this rnuch needed movement of air
Benefit ?
  • No operation cost
  • Reduced Power cost
  • Income tax Benefits
  • Reduced Maintenance
  • Reduced Installation cost